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Energy Saving for the Patio

1.) Check your lights.

LED lights are the most cost-effective lights to use. When you use an LED light, you’re not only conserving energy but you’re saving money as well.

2.) Get a motion sensor patio light

Pair your LED light with a motion sensor and enjoy extra saving. With a motion sensor you won’t have to manually turn on and off your patio light so you’re saving time and not leaving your light on for long periods at a time. The light will sense movement and turn on and turn off as soon as it sees lack of motion therefore saving energy. This will also extend the life of the bulb.

3.) Ceiling fans on your patio

Ceiling fans outside seem a little redundant to the blind eye but there are quite a few benefits. Not only will a ceiling fan keep air flow on your patio so it’s not stuffy, but it will also help control the temperature. When your fan is spinning counterclockwise it pushes cool air down and cools the room- when it’s going clockwise it pulls warm air down and helps keep the room warmer. All you have to do to switch the direction is flip the switch on your ceiling fan.

4.) Consider getting a ceiling fan with a light on it

Controlling both the ceiling fan and lights in one switch is ultimately easier for you and helps you remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room. Your fan will only cool people so it’s best to turn it off when you leave the room. By combining your ceiling fan and lights you can turn off the light and the ceiling fan at the same time.

5.) Turn lights off when you’re not on the patio

If you’re not on the patio and not expecting someone there’s no reason for the light to stay on. Try to get into the habit of turning off the light when you’re not using it.

6.) Energy efficient holiday lighting

Everyone likes to decorate their home for the holidays and set up Christmas trees, but those lights burn out quickly and use quite a bit of energy. As pretty as the lights are, they’re there to look good for you – not the room. When you leave the room unplug your lights and get energy efficient decorative lights. Look for LED or the Energy Star Logo.